Orthodontic Dentistry

What Are Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that covers the diagnosis and prevention of misaligned teeth, jaws and bite patterns. These extremely common issues can be effectively corrected through the use of orthodontics.

Braces and other common orthodontics use gentle pressure to gradually move your teeth into their optimal position. These treatments straighten your teeth so they look and function their best. Orthodontic dentistry improves the appearance of your face by ensuring that your jaw muscles operate properly.

Causes Of Orthodontic Issues

A number of factors may affect the size and position of your teeth and jaw. You may have once had a habit that affected your teeth, such as thumb-sucking. Problems like crooked teeth may ‘run in the family.’ A lost tooth may impact the positioning of those surrounding it, causing undesired movement. Trust our team of orthodontic experts to straighten out your teeth, no matter what the cause may be.

Benefits of Orthodontics

You can feel more confident with properly straight teeth, while also improving your ability to maintain good oral hygiene. Teeth that are crooked, crowded, or unevenly protruding will impact how your teeth fit together. Your bite pattern and resulting ability to clean your teeth will also be negatively affected. If this occurs, bacteria can gather in those hard-to-reach places and lead to more severe issues in the future.

Who Can Receive Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatments are most commonly used for younger patients who have teeth that are developing incorrectly. Our methods have a faster effect on patients at this stage of life, as the position of their teeth is easier to correct.

No matter your age, Railway City Dental can help you attain your perfect smile. If you are an adult with any misalignment issues, we can still effectively correct them for you. These treatments may take longer for patients of older ages, as their teeth are more solidified in place.