Children’s Dentistry

How we Keep Your Children Safe and Comfortable

Our dentists are specially trained in diagnosing and treating dental issues commonly experienced by infants, children, and teenagers. Problems such as sensitivity, grinding, misalignment, and cavities are commonly seen during these developmental stages of life. By monitoring your child’s facial and jaw growth, we can preemptively catch these issues and strategically select the optimal stage to fix them.

Great effort is made by our team to guarantee that your child is relaxed and informed from the moment they arrive at our dental office. We use calming, simple words to describe each treatment. Sedation is also offered for more in-depth procedures to safely ensure the comfort of our young patients. To help keep your child’s mind occupied while we tend to their teeth, each of our rooms is equipped with ceiling-mounted televisions. Our warm environment helps children feel at ease and they always leave with a smile after choosing a toy from our treasure box.

Children’s Teeth Development

The first primary or baby teeth start appearing between 5-8 months and continue erupting until three years of age. Your child’s gums may feel sore and tender as their teeth are developing. You can rub a clean finger or a cool, wet cloth across the gums to help relieve this discomfort. A teething ring may be used as well. A total of 20 primary teeth should be present after the teething process has finished.

Baby teeth are usually completely replaced by adult teeth at the age of 12, although this timing varies between children. The permanent teeth usually begin erupting at age six, and finish at age 21 with wisdom teeth. Adults usually have 28-32 permanent teeth.

When Should Children First Visit the Dentist?

Children should visit the dentist as soon as their teeth begin erupting, and no later than their first birthday. Your child’s newly developing teeth should receive proper dental care and benefit from proactive oral hygiene habits at an early age.

What to Expect During Their First Visit

At the beginning of the first appointment, we will briefly discuss your child’s dental health after understanding their daily routines. We will then conduct a minimally intrusive examination to monitor the development of their teeth, gums, and jaw. Finally, we will clean their mouth to remove any stains, plaque and tartar. Within the first few visits, our team helps your child feel comfortable at our office while providing basic oral health education. This approach enables us to assist your child in laying a strong foundation for lifelong oral health.